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Pony and horse riding lessons

Horse Riding Lessons

If you would like to learn how to ride a horse, train on the ground and understand how to connect with a horse, Heartwood Horses is the place to be.
Suited to beginners of any age and even if your health is compromised you can come and experience these beautiful creatures.

Anke and Leah with Flynn

Return to Riding

This is a program to get you back in the saddle by helping you with whatever is stopping you either physically, emotionally or mentally.

Wedding carriage hire

Wedding Horse & Carriage

Jess and her beautiful wedding carriage is available for hire for your special event. Arrive in style, make the most of your big day, with the beauty and grace of a horse and carriage.

Lomond and Ted

Horse & Cart Rides for Hire

We also have a timber horse drawn wagon with a pair of clydesdales for groups up to 10, for rides at your event or a lovely drive in the country.

Tara and vaulting

Yoga with Horses

Heartwood Horses is now offering Yoga with Horses in private and group lessons. You don’t need to have any Yoga or Horse Riding experience to try any of these options. Any age, fitness level and health limitations are welcome.

Horse riders are welcome to come and learn how to do something a bit different and special with your horse. Below is more information to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs at this present moment. There are 3 options:

Yoga with the Horse (non – riding)

Yoga on the Horse (riding)

Yoga with Horses for Healing

Under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, our yoga classes will help you find balance, physically mentally and emotionally. Specially designed to assist horse riders but anyone is welcome. All bodies of all abilities are welcome.

Horse & Carriage for Hire

to make your day even more special

Let Jess and Kim share your special day and take you there in style. Jess is a quiet and experience horse that will look amazing with her specially designed carriage to keep you comfortable to thoroughly enjoy this novel experience. 

The cost for the Wedding Package is $900 for a total of 3hrs and a maximum distance travelled of 3kms each way. The horse and carriage travel at about 3-4km per hour to help you work out time frames. If the venue is further than 50kms from Bannockburn then we will need to add some travel costs of $1/km. The wedding carriage fits 4 adults comfortably and there is a back seat suitable for older children. 

If you are looking for some wagon rides or something a bit more rustic we have a pair of clydesdales that we use with a timber wagon that comfortably fits 10 aduts at a time. Ted and Lomond are very experienced horses that have attended festivals and you get to go back in time and enjoy the sights and sounds of these magnificent working horses. The pair of horses and timber wagon is $1000 for 4hrs, plus travel at $1 per kilometre over 50kms from Bannockburn.

If you prefer the country look we have recently purchased a beautiful milk lorry the is pulled by a single clydesdale. Photos to come.

Call Kim to have a chat about the options and check your date. Phone now on 0458 747 534

Horse Riding Lessons

Want to learn to Ride or develop some Horsemanship skills?

At Heartwood Horses, I specialise in beginners – young and not so young. We can cater for many health conditions with kindness and understanding. We teach gentle methods that work with the horse, while learning some animal behaviour skills. We teach grounds skills as part of the lesson as well as riding in a saddle and bareback pads if suitable.  I only offer private lessons so I can develop a program that suited just to your needs. For a more therapeutic style lesson then please see the information my yoga with horses sessions which are more suited for anyone with health issues that might affect your riding abilities. 

I have quiet, patient ponies and horses that make wonderful riding partners that assist me to keep you safe, develop your skills, and ensure you enjoy the experience.

Horse skills at Heartwood


 Private Lessons for one hour are by appointment only.

Mondays 4pm to 6pm

Tuesdays 10am to 6pm

Wednesdays 4pm to 6pm

Thursdays 4pm to 6pm




  • $50: Child ( 5-12yrs old)
  • $60 Adult (13 and over)


$60 per hour plus travel if greater than 10 minutes from Bannockburn


  • Students under 12 years old must have a parent available to assist during the lessons.
  • You should be prepared to use certain equipment that is essential for natural horsemanship techniques.
  • Maximum rider weight is 100 kg. 
  • Having fun is essential. 

Yoga with Horses

Hearthwood yoga studio

Why Yoga and Horses together

Yoga is an ancient practice that has been helping people to improve their physical, mental and emotional fitness for many years. It is very holistic and believe that any body system out for balance for long enough will cause dis-ease. Yoga is about working towards that balance and harmony within your entire body and work at every layer of your being. It is offered in a very practical way that is always tailored to suit the student. Anyone is very welcome as it is easily adapted for many health conditions and will benefit from the joint healing power of yoga and horses.

Horses have a gentle, peaceful & mindful way of being. They are very emotionally intelligent and can support you on your journey to better health and well-being. They can support us both physically and emotionally, and have been used to help humans for many thousands of years but more recently in a formal way as therapists. Here at Heartwood Horses you can connect in with these beautiful animals, taking the yoga to a whole new level.

Costs and Times

Private session: 1hr $60  2hr $100                                              Available: Monday  &  Wednesday  2pm to 5pm                                                          Tuesday 10am to 5pm


Yoga with the Horse (non-riding) 

This might start in the yoga studio and then we progress to outside in the undercover arena with the horse (or pony). The yoga is done on the ground with the assistance of the horse and will involve interacting with the horse to the level that suits. You will be able to connect in with these amazing sentient beings and their way of being which is grounded, centered, living in the present, and yet fully aware of their surrounding and the beings they are connected to. These horses are safe, well trained and enjoy interacting with people

Yoga Classes for Horse riders at your venue.

I am able to come to whatever venue you have, to do some classes for a specific group or need. I can change and modify many postures so that anyone and everyone can do them. All you need to do is ask!

 Using yoga we can improve your fitness for riding as well as your ability to be a calm and considerate horse owner by using Yoga to manage stress, anxiety, ability to be focused, grounded and enjoy living in the moment.

Then play with your horse ( or one of mine) and see what develops? Your horse will give you some amazing feedback on how your energy, focus and timing have changed.

Please contact Kim at Heartwood Horses for more information. 

Call 0458 7475 34
email kim@heartwoodhorses.com.au

'The Tree' yoga pose with horses

Yoga on the Horse (riding)

This will be done with a bareback pad or a vaulting roller so you have padding and something to grip to. You don’t need to be able to ride as this isn’t riding in the conventional sense. It is safe, fun and will help you find balance in every sense. Being on the horse helps to connect to the horse at a deeper level. 


 Yoga with Horses for Healing

 This is more about focusing on a part of your health that needs attention and using the wonderful benefits of yoga the added bonus of the assistance of the horses to help you find better health and well-being. It doesn’t have to be specific but this is more about looking at an issue of issuing that are holding you back from your best self. Every situation will be assessed before the session so we know we have the safest and best program for your needs.

 About the Trainer and Venue    Heartwood Horses is a private farm with a peaceful country setting and you will be the only student there at the time. Every lesson is tailored to suit your needs and abilities to make sure that it is safe, helpful, educational and enjoyable. There is an indoor yoga studio, a covered arena and even a horse’s playground.

Kim has helped many students over the years with physical limitations, fear issues, stress, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, recovering from injury and many other health issues.

Kim is an experienced horsewoman with years of riding experience and has been studying natural horsemanship for 15yrs. She only uses gentle methods with her horses, who are part of the family. Kim has been teaching horse riding to beginners for nearly 10 years and has been teaching yoga for almost as long. Currently she is training to be a Yoga Therapist


Return to Riding Program

This is a 5 week program designed to get you Physically, Mentally and Emotionally well enough to return to horse riding, or just enjoying your horse in other ways.We will use this time to develop some fitness, skills and confidence to return to riding and if you are new to Horse Riding that is fine to. You will be coming here to Heartwood Horses and we will be inside in the Yoga Studio and then outside working with my quiet and training horses. The only expectations will be what you have for yourself  and although it is a group we will be working on what YOU need to feel successful. We will be using Yoga Therapy techniques but you don’t need to have any experience doing yoga. This involves improving mobility, balance, strength, coordination, focus, relaxation, and joy of your time with your horse I will also be using tools such as mindfulness and positive psychology to coach your through your concerns. This might involve addressing issues such as; an injury, stiffness, fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of balance, lack of strength or fitness, lack of trust and any other blocks in your way. When with the horses we will be using natural horsemanship techniques where the horses are trained to assist you with your program. We work on developing safety, trust, communication and connection for both you and the horse. The aim is reignite your passion and joy you get from being with your horse and that after the 6 weeks you are well on your way to eliminating some of the issues that prevent you from enjoying your horse as much as you would like to. That can be riding, driving or even just on the ground. 

Sessions are Tuesdays 10am to 1pm.     

Dates for 2019                                                                                First session is Tuesday the 19th of Feb and running until Friday the 19th of March.                                      

 Cost is $300 for 5 weeks.                                               Venue is here at Heartwood Horses.


My story

What’s in a name

Why Heartwood?

Trees develop a hard, dense spine-like wood that gives the tree a solid foundation around which to grow; this core is referred to as ‘heartwood’. The heartwood not only gives trees strength and longevity, but also the flexibility to be moulded by the elements.

The name Heartwood represents this idea of a solid foundation for horses but also riders. Once we have a solid core to work on, we can develop ourselves and our horses into what we want to become.

We have horses because we love them with all our heart, and they fill our hearts. We need to be strong and stable for them, so that we can have a safe and fun relationship and make all the time, money and effort worthwhile.

What’s in it for me

I have been studying Natural Horsemanship since having children and buying my first horse as an adult. I needed a way to overcome my fears and regain my confidence. This led me to have a deep and connecting relationship with my horses that I had never dreamed of. 

 I am now able to assist others with their journey into the wonderful world of horses – whether by being led on a pony ride, taking a lesson or developing a relationship with their horse. 

This journey also led me to yoga to be a better horsewoman but it has helped me in many ways in every aspect of my life.  It has helped me develop my physical, emotional and mental fitness and now I teach yoga so that I can share the wonderful joy and benefits of these ancient practices.

My new venture is to combine these two seemingly different yet surprisingly overlapping arts. If you are a horse person then the yoga will help to experience the world of horses at another level. If you are a yoga person then the influence of the horses will be a unique and powerful experience.


My qualifications

I am a Qualified Riding Instructor with Horse Safety Australia.

I am a Qualified Yoga Instructor with Dru Australia.

Currently I am training to be a Yoga Therapist

I am a trained Positive Psychology Coach

I Have my Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Level 2 First Aid Accredited.

Equipment Suppliers

I only use bitless bridles for my lessons provided by Natural Horse World.
I also use their bareback pads.

My ropes and halters are mostly from Parelli.

Healthy happy horses
I love healthy horses having fun


176 English Road,
VIC 3331

Where we are

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Kim Wood
0458 747 534