Heartwood Horses

having fun with horses

Riding Lessons

Horse riding lessons

Want to learn to ride?

At Heartwood Horses, I specialise in beginners - young and not so young.

I have quiet ponies and horses that make wonderful riding partners that assist me to keep you safe, develop your skills, and ensure you enjoy the experience.

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Natural Horsemanship Lessons

Horse riding lessons

Want to learn some Natural Horsemanship techniques?

Any one and any horse at any age can learn how to improve their communication skills.

These techniques and tools can keep you safe, improve your understanding of what your horse is doing and why, improve your relationship and make the time spent with your horse fun and interesting for you and your horse.

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Horse and Pony Agility

Monthly horse agility days

Come and try a new sport where you play with your horse on the ground using obstacles. A bit like dog agility.

Why not pull your hairy, dirty horse or pony from the paddock and come and play at Heartwood Horses - on line or at liberty - using all the fun obstacles we have here.

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